Dear Members
The Committee has agreed that we should cancel our next two events, “Preparing for a Show” and the Summer Show, due to the present circumstances.
There are at least three rules that in our view currently make the Summer Show impossible.   Even if the social distancing is reduced to one metre, no more than six people from different households can gather in one place, and no one can gather indoors which means the village hall would be out of bounds.   So even using the marquee, perhaps without the sides (although a marquee may be considered indoors anyway), staging and the afternoon viewing would not be possible in a “Covid-secure” way because of the rules on the number of people who can meet in one place.  It is a criminal offence to incite people to break that law by inviting more than six to larger gathering.  The same applies to our talk in the Village Hall – even if we could do the event out of doors, only five plus the speaker would be permitted to gather.
We do appreciate that the rules are being relaxed all the time, but the amount of advance work needed to put on any event and particularly a Show means that we would not be able to react at short notice.   We have not taken the decision lightly.
I am very sad that we will not be able to see all the wonderful exhibits that you were all going to enter, and I will personally miss talking to all during the afternoon.  
Keep safe and well.
Pat Cosgrove